Monday, December 9, 2013

Xeno's Inner Monologue during "The Adventure Begins"

This is who I've been saddled with for the ceremony?! A fat, dirty dwarf, a little baby man and a she-dwarf so quiet I barely even noticed her! Where are the deadly warriors I am to lead into glorious battle? Where are the adoring crowds?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Xeno's Backstory

Xeno grew up an orphan in the town of Kassen. His father was a carpenter and died in a building accident before Xeno was born. Xeno's mother had a weak constitution and was prone to contracting disease. She passed away from Ergotism, a fungal infection, shortly after he was born.

Xeno had no other family in the village and so was raised by the nuns of Erastil. He was a rowdy boy and often got into fights. One of the itenerate clerics of Gorum who visited decided he had to teach the boy to channel his energy and anger into something more productive, or at least less destructive. The father taught him how to use thrown weapons to hunt for small game and taught him to defend himself.

Xeno is convinced that the stories of his father's death were false and that he was actually a king and a crusader who died in a battle in a faraway land. Xeno is dedicated to searching for his father's true grave, finding his missing family and reclaiming his fortune.

Xeno is representing the orphans and widows of Kassen and feels joining the lantern ceremony is his first step to becoming the warrior prince he knows he is. The only soft spot in Xeno's heart is for orphans and children who are being mistreated.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013